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spa green-the green spa

We are proud that our three-story luxury wellness center spa in nyc Brooklyn Bay Ridge is housed in its own sustainable, eco-conscious, environmentally friendly building, offering a full menu of spa treatments, body massages, exercise classes and holistic health services in nyc. We are the first green spa in new york city, leading the building green-green business-green new york-green brooklyn corporate sustainability initiative.

wellness spa

We have been inspired by the natural beauty of the four corners of our earth. Combining elegance with the dedication to respect our environment, we have enhanced our Wellness Center decor through the use of natural products, colors, textures and by following the traditions of Feng Shui. We proudly present the first and only full service, luxury Green Spa in the city. We hand pick each member of our staff to ensure your complete satisfaction. All of the therapists you will visit are fully licensed and experts in their field. Allow them to enhance your beauty, relax your muscles and treat your medical needs.

time out spa

The Green Spa: as seen in and recommended by Time Out Magazine and many other news media and publications

New york spas – spas in ny

New york city massage

Couples massage, therapist massage, shiatsu massage and much more at our brooklyn massage therapy center. As part of our pledge to create wellness for you & your environment we exclusively use organic oils during all of our massage treatments.

Brooklyn massage

Get the best massage in Brooklyn and best massage in nyc. The Green Spa massage menu includes: deep tissue massage, ayurvedic massage, reflexology massage, prenatal massage, shiatsu ny, acupuncture , aromatherapy massage, soothing stone ritual massage, cupping therapy – and much more!

Spas in brooklyn-brooklyn spa

Day spas brooklyn

Spas in staten island

The green spa is conveniently located near the Verrazano Bridge in Bay Ridge Brooklyn New York.

Couples massage-nyc

You and a guest of your choice will be given plush robes and slippers while relaxing in our tea lounge, and enjoying our exclusive "Legend of The Spa" teas. You will both be escorted to your own private suite where champagne rose petals and softly lit candles await you. Soak in the relaxing sounds of our waterfall while you are massaged from head to toe. Warm up together next to the fireplace with a glass of champagne and candlelit ambience.

ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic Crown Ritual: Ancient shirodhara ritual brings you into a deep state of relaxation with the slow pouring of warm oils onto your forehead. Includes balancing Wellness Massage, Indian head massage & scalp treatment.

cellulite treatment-new york

Melt away cellulite with The Green Spa’s parafango sun wrap!

waxing brooklyn-wax new york city

Wax nyc: come to our wax spa and get the beauty wax you never thought possible!

Looking for perfect shaped eyebrows, Facial hair removal for the most sensitive skin, Brazilian bikini wax, hairless back or any area that you wish to be hair free-you’ve come to the right place. We use sensitive skin poetic wax or aromatherapy wax, which is less irritating than traditional wax. We have special strip less wax to use on your most sensitive areas.

Do not irritate the area with perfumes or perfumed products prior to waxing. Try our No Scream Cream 30-45 minutes before you come in. We sell this amazing product and it works! Some people who experience inflammation or redness use anti inflamatories-but please ask your doctor before taking any medication. After you wax, apply sensitive serum from Matis to the waxed area-we call it The Fire Man because it deffuses redness. In addition, this serum desensitizing the skin over time and is safe enough to apply directly over just waxed areas.

facial salons in brooklyn new york

We pride ourselves in providing the very best quality products & services for your delicate skin, and exclusively use organic cotton. A partial list of our best facials in new york includes: hydradermie, oxygen aromatis, men’s facials, acne treatments, anti-gravity treatment, 4-layer lift, caviar facial, delicate and sensitive skin facial, lightening treatments, eye contour aromatis and eye glow… and many more!

diamond peel microdermabrasion

Diamond wand gently & safely exfoliates without chemicals. Skin is improved by diminishing scars, lines, wrinkles, sun damage & much more. Safe enough for eye & lip area. Immediate results.

Health spa and alternative medicine

Our Spa Wellness care in ny Brooklyn includes: Chiropractor, Clinical Nutritionist and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Nutritional programs are developed through the use of laboratory testing of blood, saliva, and urine. We can test everything from cholesterol to neurotransmitters and hormones to ensure your body is functioning at its fullest potential. Generally there is a nutritional survey, internal and external stress test survey, hormonal screening questionnaire, cognitive screening, and an interpretation of a 3-5 day food diary. You may choose a focus for your personal wellness program, such as: Weight-Loss, Anti-aging, Performance Training, “Greening” your body Disease Prevention , and General Wellness. It’s all part of green living!

Brooklyn brunch

Visit our Organic garden where we serve high tea, brunch Saturdays & Sundays and offer an extended wine, champagne and beer menu. The Sangria is one of a kind! Our team specializes in spa gatherings, showers, cocktail parties & spa parties for two or two hundred. We can arrange for an afternoon snack or spa lunch during your stay with us.

Yoga in nyc

Our yoga classes in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, open to all levels:

Gentle - This slower paced practice is a restorative form of yoga recommended for beginners. Emphasis is on breath work, meditation & stretching. Establishes the foundation of yoga practice.

Wellness - Brings a healthy balance of the mind, body, & spirit that results in an overall feeling of mental and physical well-being. Some yoga experience is recommended, but can be modified to all fitness levels.

Power - Physically demanding class combines advanced level poses & flowing techniques to increase strength, flexibility & breath Yoga experience is highly required. Open - Integrating the spirit of yoga together with non-traditional poses to create this multi-level class. All fitness levels are welcome.

Sunrise Yoga - Set your intentions for the day while increasing flexibility & saluting the sun.

Kundalini Yoga - Kundalini Yoga offers a wide variety of techniques to help cultivate a healthy relationship with shuniya. This class features extended meditations using breath, movement, mudra, and mantra to penetrate deeply rooted resistances such as stress, fear, anger, greed, lust, and attachment.

Meditation - Penetrate deeply rooted resistances in the mind and body, allowing stillness to blossom and your own grace, wisdom, and bliss to shine through. All levels of experience are welcome.

yoga brooklyn

Available in our brooklyn yoga-studio-in-a-spa is a wide range of yoga class styles.

prenatal yoga new york- prenatal wellness services

Attend prenatal yoga classes, enjoy prenatal massage, and nutrition and wellness packages. Celebrate the miracles of pregnancy and motherhood with Wellness Treatments at The Green Spa & Wellness Center in nyc Brooklyn.

qi gong

An ancient Chinese health practice that balances the bodies Chi (energy) level by combining breath control and movement, thus reducing stress which in turn will strengthen the immune system. Regular practice can also help with blood circulation, fatigue, respiration, strengthening bones & tendons, increased joint mobility, and improve posture. Qi gong classes now in our Brooklyn studio!

pilates nyc

Pilates NY- enjoy the following Pilates classes in our Brooklyn spa studio:

Gentle Pilates - Beginner Pilates class concentrates on body alignment while loosening joints, increasing coordination and balance.

Classic Pilates - Develops core-strength to maintain better posture, while dramatically transforming the way your body looks & feels. Build strength without excess bulk. Create a sleek, toned body with slender thighs and a flat abdomen.

Power Ball Pilates - Tone and strengthen the powerhouse muscles by combining the Pilates principles of core control and stabilization with the instability of the Power Ba

Bridal shower ideas – bridal shower theme ideas

Our team specializes in spa gatherings, showers, cocktail parties & spa parties for two or two hundred. Spa Parties are a great way to celebrate Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties, or to prepare for your special day. Gather together for a relaxing quiet time in our serene Whisper Lounge where you can enjoy healthy and delicious Teas, Spa Lunch, Snacks, or reserve High Tea in our Garden. Our Spa Coordinator is prepared to enhance your experience with personalized flowers, food, beverages, décor, goody bags & favors. Party planners are available to help plan your special event. Guests can choose from a list of our Signature Treatments, Movement Studio Classes, SPA Packages, or Series Savings to create an experience just for your group.

acupuncture therapy new york

For skincare, anti-aging, body detoxification & medical concerns, we offer result oriented treatments, including: acupuncture to quit smoking in new york city, weight loss and more.