1. June 2014 Community Wellness Workshops & Events

    Summer Feng Shui Circle with Sheila Brody, Feng Shui Expert Consultant Thursday, June 5th at 6:45PM In this fun and interactive workshops for all levels you will learn the basic principles of Feng Shui along with more advanced techniques to help understand the energies of your space and how each sea…Read More

  2. Feng Shui for New Beginnings Workshop 1/10 @ 7:00PM

    2013 is here! What has changed for you from last year?  Join us for this amazing workshop with Sheila Brody and learn what needs to be changed in your environment in order to highlight your strengths and create balance in your life for this spetacular New Year.   This workshop focuseson the goa…Read More

  3. An Invitation from the Universe

    This is an invitation from the universe to join me, Sheila Brody, The Founder of The Green Spa & Wellness Center on an amazing journey toward enlightenment this week on Thursday Evening  12-20-12. Everyone has been talking about this dreaded December 21st, or last day recorded on the Mayan Cale…Read More

  4. Motivation Mondays with Orly Amor!

    The Universe is guiding you and communicating with you every second of your life it is responding to your thoughts and it is giving you invaluable feedback through your feelings. Your feelings are cosmic communication!  The good feelings mean, GOOD FOR YOU. The bad feelings are to get your attentio…Read More

  5. Support TEAM FOR KIDS @ the Green Spa

    Support TEAM FOR KIDS - a charity combating childhood obesity and empowering youth development in low income schools and community centers in NYC, throughout the country and Africa. Treat your feet to Spa Ritual Sole Mate Hydrating Foot Balm (ultimate treat for tired feet) or Oka B’s new Collec…Read More

  6. Empower Yourself!

    Behavior Analysis Workshop & Motivation August 25th   7-9PM Join us at the Green Spa and Wellness Center with Orly Amor, where you will learn how to ENGAGE, INSPIRE, and EMPOWER yourself and the people in your daily life!! You will discover your DISC Behavior Style (Dominance, Influence, Consc…Read More

  7. Vision Board Workshop

    Do you wonder why the things you want most in life are the things you spend the least time devoting to? A Vision Board is an excellent tool to remind you of your wants and desires on a daily basis, keeping these dreams fresh in your mind. Join us with life coach, Orly Amor on August 18th at 7pm-9pm.…Read More

  8. Skincare Event @ Green Spa 8/10 6-8:00PM

    Join us for this Skincare Education and Wine Tasting event and experience the latest in anti-aging skincare by Eminence Organics!  Sample our new collection and receive s custom education by our Eminence Educator.  Limited Space available. Click HERE to reserve your space in advance and receive a …Read More