Introducing the Pink Lotus Radiation Recovery Cream. Created by a breast cancer survivor, Maureen Brody in her quest to find a chemical-free cream to use during this sensitive time period.

She searched and was not able to find an existing product on the market that catered to her specific needs. She asked for referrals and came to find out that she couldn’t find anyone who was truly happy with any product, chemicals or not. So she did what she was taught to do, reinvent!

With over 20 years in the Skin Care industry as a spa owner, founder of Legend of the Spa skincare brand, and Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo Artist, Brody had the luxury of working with Estheticians, Skin Care manufacturers, medical professionals, chemists and suppliers to source the most natural and high-quality ingredients to treat the skin as delicately yet effectively as possible.

The lotus is a sign of new beginnings. Every woman facing the challenge of overcoming breast cancer knows that the life they knew before breast cancer is very different than the life after their diagnosis. This is the beginning of a new time where you face your health head on. This is the beginning of a journey toward your healthiest self. This is a time when you question everything you put onto and into your body. This is a time of strength, knowledge and perseverance. Brody used all of her knowledge and resources to source the highest quality ingredients and knowledge of the skincare industry to create her own radiation recovery cream. Now, she is sharing this cream with anyone going through the radiation process and wishes to join her journey toward recovery using only natural and organic ingredients.

Sourced with awareness and mindfully created to soothe and treat radiation dermatitis. She loves this product so much; she puts her heart into every jar. The Pink Lotus Cream contains a heart-shaped reiki infused rose quartz crystal to enhance the positive vibration, oxygen absorption and healing energy of ingredients. This luxurious cream will soothe the skin while promoting skin cell regeneration and increased oxygenation without the use of chemicals or harsh preservatives. Speed up recovery and feel at ease knowing each ingredient was chosen for a specific result and intention.

This cream was made with love by Maureen Brody during her journey toward recovery. Join her journey and find your new beginning!

Naturally Yours,

Maureen Brody

Legend of the Spa