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The stress and anxiety associated with cancer treatment can put the body’s central nervous system on high alert which can put the patient in a stressful, anxious and fearful state. All of which keeps the body in a state of disease. Aiding the central nervous system to relax, let go and allow as space of ease to help aid the body in its effort to heal and fight cancer.
Patients report the following during and after receiving treatment:

 Relaxation and overall wellness
 Reduce treatment side effects, such as fatigue, nausea, pain, and anxiety/depression
 Improve sleep and help with fatigue and chronic fatigue
 Promote healing of scar tissue
 Increase range of movement
 Provide emotional comfort and alleviating postoperative discomfort/muscle tightness, headaches, nausea and peripheral neuropathy
 Support to the immune system by aiding flow of lymph, circulation & lymphedema support
 Provide safe, caring, gentle physical and emotional support



Our New York State Licensed Massage Therapists are specially trained and certified in Oncology precautions, manipulations, and modalities to deliver safe and effective services in a luxury atmosphere. Specially trained therapists use specific massage techniques to aid in swelling, lymphedema, and a variety of conditions. When local massage is not indicated, therapists provide energy work, gentle stretching, pressure point & reflexology points to aid in the body’s healing process. Pre and or Post-surgical treatments are available.

Initial consultation, evaluation, and treatment with the plan is scheduled for 90 minutes $185
Follow up visits
60 minutes $145 90 minutes $195

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Target all areas of the body via zones located on scalp, hands and feet with this eastern healing method. Relax the entire body while soothing tired & aching muscles without manipulating the full body.

30/60 Minutes $75/$125

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Mindset Mastery Mentoring and Coaching – Take Your Power Back!

You are not alone. With over 25+ years in the health and wellness industry, our mindset mastery mentors will hold your hand along your journey. We help transform your fear into faith, indifference into love, noisy mental chatter into peace of mind, dis-ease into ease. We have the proven program that works, the Mobster to Mentor Method is transforming peoples lives just like you. We care about your whole life and your mental health matters. Find out more.

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GemSkin FACIAL by Legend Of The Spa

Customized for your Skin Type

Natural Gemstones and Crystals infused into products and treatment tools to detoxify, reduce puffiness, signs of aging and balance skin.  Designed to treat any skincare condition while being gentle enough for the most sensitive skin and effective enough to treat the most severe concerns. Oncology and Pre-Natal friendly treatment using all natural, vegan, and organic ingredients.  Designed to be customized for your specific needs.

Choose from:

❧ Firming with Rose Quartz: Treats Dry & Mature Skin Types with Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C.

❧ Purifying with Clear Quartz: Detoxifies & Treats Oily or Acne prone Skin Conditions with Willow Bark. 

❧ Soothing with Amethyst: Treats Sensitive and rosacea prone Skin Types with Oxygenating Peptides.

60 Minutes $145 

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Organic & Mineral based skincare for even the most delicate skin.  Includes Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage to assist the lymph system clear excess fluids.  Relaxing massage and anti-inflammatory intensive mask.

45 Minutes  $145 (with extractions +25)

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Organic Skin, Face & Body Services Are available including Facials, Body Exfoliations, Mineral Tub soaks, Wraps Individually listed in our main brochure.

Organic, Mineral & Natural Skin & Make up Product detox Consultations available to help you detoxify your medicine cabinet and your make up bag. Free service by appointment.


Introducing our innovative new Breast Treatment created to calm skin irritation caused by radiation therapy. Ultrasonic cooling treatment helps to reduce temperature in breast and penetrate moisture and healing products to a deeper layer of skin. Oxygen therapy helps speed wound recovery and soothe burned, broken and irritated skin. Finish with a barrier skin cream to lock in moisture and healing benefits.

45 Minutes $125

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Eyebrow Natural Bio-Henna Stain Actually stains the skin for a filled in look that lasts on skin for 3+ weeks!

30 minutes $58

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Semi permanent tattoo creates instant lasting brows by pressing semi-permanent organic pigment into the superficial dermis of the skin with a micro-blade. This minimally invasive technique creates crisp hair strokes that mimic the pattern of your natural eyebrow hair.

 Fills in gaps and bald spots
 Evens out length and size of brows
 Organic Plant & Vegetable Based Dye
 Made in the USA, Non Iron Oxides
 Restore thickness & youth

$499 Includes Complimentary 30 Minute consult Prior to day of Treatment

Add on Acupuncture Pain Free Needle Therapy – $50

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Not sure what you need, schedule a consultation today with one of our therapists to customize a treatment plan that is right for you.