Amazing Experience

Last week I had an amazing experience at the Green Spa getting microblading on my brows by Maureen. What started out as thin and sparse brows are now perfectly shaped and full brows that I no longer have to worry about every morning!! It has always been a hassle to fill them in every single day, so when I heard about this process I was ecstatic to try it!!!
When I went into the room, Maureen gave me a rundown of all of the dos and dont’s of caring for my brows. Meticulously she measured my eyebrows and marked various spots to make sure they were even and the exact shape/color I wanted. This process took some time but it was completely worth it!! After numbing my brows as well as using acupuncture points to ease any possible discomfort, she began the technique. It was a quick and painless!! I go back in 4-6 weeks for a follow up in case I want more added which is included in the price.
Maureen was great at finding a color to work with my hair color and skin tone so my brows look natural. This service has freed up time in my morning so I can wash my face and get out the door without hesitation. Between this and the lash extensions they offer, I am glamorous from the moment I wake up!! I highly recommend this service for anyone with brows they want to be thicker, more even or shaped little differently without looking done up. Another score for The Green Spa !!

Melissa F.