Endless summer is doing exactly what it said it wouldn’t – it’s ending. And in addition to misleading you with false promises, this summer probably inflicted major damage to your face and body as well. It’s finally time to shake the beach out of your hairdo, and survey the wreckage of summer. Here are the worst offenders of summertime skin damage and how to repair:


Chlorine (and salt water, if you’re a beach bunny) tends to strip away oil from the skin, leaving your post-summer complexion parched and dry ( The end of summer is the perfect time to treat your skin with a replenishing masque to rehydrate your complexion. If you’re suffering from too much sun and dry skin, our Blueberry Soy Repair Masque uses shea butter to provide the deep moisture you need.

Don’t forget – all that swimming has left you dehydrated so keep your whole body rehydrated with plenty of water. Down those eight glasses a day and keep your moisture levels topped up.


Have you noticed age spots and freckles materializing on your nose and cheeks?  Your skin protects itself from the damaging effects of the sun by increasing a skin pigment called melanin. That means sun spots, uneven pigmentation and freckles (Mayo Clinic). If you want to reduce the aging appearance of these pigment spots, use a skin care product like our Bright Skin Masque with a natural hydroquinone alternative. Its natural ingredients brighten the skin and fade the appearance of hyperpigmentation.  Also, protect yourself for the remaining days of summer by wearing a product with SPF and the best option: a large hat.


With the sun setting late, you’ve probably pushed your regular bedtime later as well. Midnight hours and summer shindigs may have left unsightly dark circles under your eyes. Now that summer’s winding down, this is a good time to reset your body clock with full nights of sleep. Snoozing eight hours daily will go a long ways to eliminate those raccoon eyes that have been plaguing you all summer.

Want to do more to pamper your peepers? Try our Wild Plum Eye Cream to reduce the look of dark circles under your eyes.


Heat, sweat and bacteria are the unwelcome trio of summer skin nightmares. All three factors trapped together create the perfect environment for problem skin. If this summer has set off unpleasant skin issues, now’s the time to tackle them. Make sure you cool off quickly, change your clothes frequently and keep your skin clean. Plus, target your problem skin with our Clear Skin Willow Bark Booster-Serum and Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser to clarify the look of your complexion and leave your summer sorrows behind.

This post was written by Karen Young Chester from Eminence Organics.
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