The beach can be a place of solace and serenity, which is why most people run to it every Summer. To silence our thoughts in deep meditation while hearing crashing waves by the shore, to stretch our body in yoga poses underneath the natural light of the sun, or to read a good book on a beach blanket without interruption, are amongst the few reasons our bare feet anticipate our arrival amidst the soft sand.

But even if you’re one of those people who prefer to hide beneath shade because of the power of the scorching Sun, there’s a new organic sun care line called COOLA, that will protect and prevent you from receiving sunburns, age spots, and skin wrinkling. What’s even better is that some of the COOLA products exude sweet, tropical fragrances in Coconut, Pina Colada, Citrus Mimosa, and Fresh Mango scents – to name a few.


Although we love the glowing beauty of a suntan, we all know that mother nature is nothing to fool with.

To get the most out of your Summer, choose either a spray bottle or lotion for your face, lip and body (containing an SPF 20, 30, 35 or 50) so that you can comfortably relax during these extended Summer days.

When visiting the Green Spa, make sure to inquire our staff about the various options we carry. Summer takes too long to come and leaves sooner than we want. So reap the benefits of this Season and allow the warmth, beauty and vitality of the sunshine to give you a boost of natural joy!