Slow Matters…The time has come. To end the relentless pursuit for success and welcome calm and contentment. For focusing our energy on gratitude and deeper, more meaningful goals. To rekindle a connection to ourselves and each other. To Laugh. Out loud. and often. To heal and be healed. and to share, without hesitation, that new-found sense of well-being with the people that we love.

awaken your creativity with our Mid-Season Collection, Laugh. Indulge in playful, bright colors that dance with the light. Sparkle and layers of texture create a seriously beautiful aesthetic that doesn’t take itself too seriously.


Model is wearing Optimistic as the base color + Hugs to create stripes with Giggle, rainbow glitter to top it off. Nail look is a collaboration by fashion designer, Gretchen Jones and celebrity manicurist, Michelle Saunders.

Try these great special edition Nail Lacquers at the Green Spa & Wellness Center.  Reserve your Wellness Manicure here!