With New Year’s Eve celebrations behind us for another year, champagne is perhaps the last thing on our minds. Nevertheless, champagne isn’t just a celebratory treat – according to Live Love Spa, this bubbly beverage has a few surprising beauty benefits for your hair, face and body. And, we can thank the very unique antioxidant and vitamin-rich qualities of grapes for making this so-called beauty elixir such a lovely (and effective) skin care delight.

“Grape seed extracts carry an excellent source of antioxidants which also carry more Vitamin C and E than the average anti-aging products and face toners. Your skin’s collagen and elastin will be protected from harsh environments and stress” says natural beauty expert and licensed skin therapist, Sherell Dorsey in an interview with Live Love Spa.

We’re no stranger to the many beauty benefits of grapes – which is why we feature this ingredient in a selection of our champagne themed products.

Live Love Spa suggests our Mimosa Champagne Sugar Scrub. This scrub “is perfect for making your skin look young and healthy. Champagne grapes, sugar cane granules, and the healing properties of orange are a great combination for this one of a kind body scrub.”

This post was written by Christie Pike from Eminence Organics.
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The Green Spa & Wellness Center also appreciates Champagne and has a “Martini Make-Over Night” every Friday where we give out complimentary Martinis, Wine, or Champagne. Stop on by and celebrate this beautifying drink with us!