December is here and with it comes wonderful family get togethers and gift giving. It’s the season of giving and you should give yourself and your body a new revitalizing start. Our Warm Ginger Mani-Cure & Pedi-Cure is a gift you won’t forget any time soon.  How does it feel to go through one of our Warming treatments?

A warming bath of Ginger awaits. Immersing your tired aching feet into the restorative water feels like heaven. Stress and Pain melt away leaving you feeling as if you were reborn. Lastly our detoxifying treatment will revitalize your skin and make your nails shine.  A new year is coming and we believe you deserve to feel like a brand new you.

Over time our bodies slowly build up on toxins that will weigh down on you. But once you try our treatment, we guarantee that our Ginger Mani-Cure & Pedi-Cure will give you a boost unlike any other. Our detoxifying treatment will bring out the best you. You deserve to be pampered and feel beautiful this winter.

The Legend ManiCure is $18.

Our Legend Pedicure is $38.

And finally our Gel Mani-Cure is $25

Any of these treatments will warm you up.
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