Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday, June 2oth. That’s this weekend, so you still have time to do some shopping!

Celebrate not only the fathers –but the important men in your life. Whether it’s your dad, husband, a father figure, or even your grandfather – they all deserve to be pampered this Father’s Day.

Instead of buying him a stereotypical set of golf clubs, tie, or shaving kit this year, why not treat Dad to the gift of healthy skin? Every father is unique so here’s our take on three types of dads and our pick of LEGEND OF THE SPA products tailored to suit his lifestyle needs.

1. The Outdoor Dad

Is your Dad the type that’s always up for adventure? Does he spend his time taking bike rides, hiking, running, or doing yard work?  Your active dad might be physically fit but is his skin? Protect him from UV exposure with our Sun Care Products!  Looking for sunscreen for him? We’re here to help. We have two choices of sunblock for all-over sun protection. Our Mineral Face Sunscreen & Mineral Body Sunscreen is REEF SAFE, FRAGRANCE-FREE, VEGAN & Water Resistant (80 mins) SPF 30.

2. The Career Dad

Is your Dad the busy type? Always on the go, running to the next meeting, stuck in rush hour traffic, or trying to catch that flight for a business trip? Your busy dad might be great at balancing family life and work-life but is he taking care of himself in between? Our Sandalwood & Lime Skincare Collection is perfect for a one-stop skincare routine for him,  (cleanser, moisturizer, toner, and mask) that Dad would love to pack in his suitcase.

Sandalwood & Lime Purifying Skincare Kit Clear Quartz Crystal Infused Perfect for Oily or Acne-Prone Skin
Sandalwood & Lime Purifying Face Toner
Sandalwood & Lime Purifying Face Moisturizer
Sandalwood & Lime Purifying Hemp Face Cleanser
Sandalwood & Lime Purifying Detox Mask with Willow-Bark

3. The Relaxed Dad

The Relaxed Dad type is the laid-back, no-frills type of guy. Maybe he works hard during the week and just enjoys staying close to home on the weekend and spending quality time with his family. Does your chill Dad like to rest his body in his favorite chair or enjoy a relaxing massage after a hard work week? When we think of products for relaxed dads, we think of CBD! Our Legend Of The Spa CBD is High-potency, to support everyday recovery, discomfort, and healthy inflammatory response. CBD skincare let you address discomfort and dryness while nourishing your skin with a blend of supporting topical ingredients and the natural goodness of the hemp plant.

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